Woo hoo! Macro!

The EOS Challenge group on Flickr has moved on past garbage… and the new theme for the next two weeks is “macro”. I LOVE macro. The challenge for me is going to be limiting the entries to just the 3 allowed.

Snow on an evergreen branch

Fresh Snow

Before the new challenge was even announced, though, I took advantage of the macro lens on the S90, Friday morning on my way into work.We had some beautiful fresh snow – enough to just slightly confound the drivers around here – and I tried to capture a few good photos of it even though I needed to be to work early. Most of them were ho-hum, but I kind of liked this one (the hard part is getting pictures before the snow gets blown off the branches.)

For those not familiar with macro lenses, they allow you to get in really close to your subject and pick up the details without blurring. At least some, if not most point-and-shoots do this really well – I first learned about macro photography when I actually read the owners manual for my old Canon SD1000. For a DSLR, though, it’s best to have a specialized macro lens. (Yet another opportunity to spend money.)

The new Flickr challenge doesn’t require that the macro photos be taken with macro lenses, but it helps.

Frost on a window

Frost on the windowpane

My first idea for a subject was the frost that’s been showing up on the garage door windows. So this morning I went out into the garage – where the temperature is hovering around the freezing mark (it’s only 10 degrees F outside!) – with the camera, tripod, and remote shutter control. It probably took me about 20 minutes of taking pictures to realize that I had the kit lens on the camera instead of the macro. D’oh! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make lists so that I don’t forget things like that (at least I had the card and a charged battery this time.) Half an hour and a few dozen shots later, I came up with a few decent shots to choose from… I’ve already entered one of them into the challenge.

I did play with the highlights/shadows a bit because the white-on-white was harder to see, especially when the photo is reduced on the screen. The blue color was really there – I took it during a rare moment of sun – as was the brown (from the railroad ties on the other side of the driveway) and the white at the bottom.

Close-up of dog toe

Dog Toe, plus Dog Nail

Later, I spent some time following the dog around. She wasn’t especially interested in letting me get a close-up of her nose (although I might resort to one of those shots if I don’t come up with anything better in the next 2 weeks). She did, however, let me take as many pictures of her back paws as I wanted. This shot too is a backup entry – I want to leave the possibilities wide open!

To get the full effect of these shots, I invite you to click on them and see larger versions over on Flickr.

If you’ve stuck it out with me on this post, allow me to introduce “PR”, who stumbled across my blog yesterday. Welcome, PR, you’re probably the first person who’s been here who I’ve never met before! PR has just gotten a new camera and has started a blog about it, much like this one. So of course I’ve issued a challenge to (him/her) to keep the blog going – and I must do the same. (Hey PR! Tell your friends and family to visit my blog!)

Off to go looking for more tiny subjects…


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