Trash and Recycles

When I know that my work is on display, I try to make it look as good – and happy and pretty –  as possible. I know I’m not alone in this (and I also know where I got it from.)  So when I cleaned out my flickr account last week, I decided that I’d be very judicious in the photos that I chose to share – it would primarily be used for photos that were for a challenge, or that were being submitted to groups, and the occasional shot that I thought came out especially well. My favorites are usually things that are found in nature, untouched by humans.

So of course in the second week of the Canon EOS Challenge group, the theme was “Rubbish/Trash”.  Ugh.

I suppose that trash can be interesting, it’s just not something that I would normally choose to spend hours with. It appears I need to get over the idea that I should only take pictures of things I like. In a show of support, Ken volunteered to take me to the waste transfer station downtown… it’s a busy place on a Saturday morning, with lots of good trash to choose from.

#50-2 Bottles and CansThe bottles and cans bin proved to be the best source of inspirational material – lots of color and variety. While I was feasting my eyes on this cornucopia of trashiness, some guy asked if I was taking pictures to remember the cans and bottles I was leaving behind.

The paper cardboard bin wasn’t nearly as interesting. It contained mostly newspapers with the occasional cereal box. I think that was a result of timing, though, since an hour earlier (yes, I forgot to bring the SD card again), it had been full of broken-down boxes that had formerly held children’s toys.

The bulky section held a lot of promise. It contained several photogenic items items including a child’s bike, some crutches (do you suppose those two items were related?), a music stand, a bathtub(!) and a microwave. I was getting all set up for that perfect shot when a solid waste worker came running over to tell me that it was against regulations to take photos. I wonder what they thought I was going to do with them? Maybe they’re afraid of a terrorist attack? It’s entirely possible that shooting the bottles and cans bin was illegal as well and I got away with something.

#50-1 Used BananaAfter I got home and picked out the best recycles picture that I had, I set about working on my second entry (we get 3.) I spent the next hour taking picture after picture of a banana peel. I felt a need to make it pretty – but of course it was like making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Of the bunch, I selected this shot which I took with the macro lens that arrived yesterday. (Birthday money – thanks Dad! And that’s the last equipment that I’m going to buy for a very, very long time.)

I haven’t figured out what to do about the 3rd submission yet, but I have another week. Let me know if you have any good ideas.



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