Black, white, and in between

The article “Are you a rookie or amateur photographer” describes the traits of a rookie photographer. While I did not identify with some of the items on the list (“you spend time telling people how many pixels your camera shoots”), other descriptions hit a little too close to home. For those, I apologize to you.

The upshot of the article was that people who are interested in improving their skills should share their photos in online forums where others can critique them. To that end, I have dusted off an old Flickr account, deleted all of the photos there, and added the ones that I hope to receive some critique on.

Further following the instructions on how to shed the title of “rookie”, I have joined a few Flickr groups that invite people to critique submitted work (notice how I avoided saying that people are invited to criticize!).  One of the groups, for people with Canon DSLRs who are new to photography, seems to be a flop. Another one, however, offers up a weekly challenge for relative newbies, and people seem to actually respond to submissions.  It was a nice little thrill to get those first few comments from people I’ve never met. For this group, the current challenge theme is “White” – interpreted however you like.  You can submit 3 photos… here’s my first submission (only one so far):

White Tunnel


It was taken in a tunnel that goes between 2 buildings at Cornell. Probably its best feature is that it fits the theme to a T; otherwise, not so exciting. I may go back up to CU this afternoon to get some shots of the statue of Andrew Dickson White, the first president of the university.

There’s also a bi-monthly challenge on Unlike the Flickr challenge, winners are named after each round. Having this competitive personality, I feel a compulsion to keep entering it until I win (or until I can’t hold a camera anymore.)  The current theme there is “silhouettes”, and people can make 2 submissions. I submitted the moose pic from last week, and unless I come up with something better today, I’ll also submit one that I took yesterday of the clock tower at Cornell.


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