Warm and Cold

Cat under the tree

It's Jingles, the Christmas Cat

Having two 50-somethings and two 20-somethings in the house does not make for great Christmas morning photos. Don’t get me wrong – we had a very lovely Christmas Day, with lots of good presents, plenty of laughs in the afternoon (while watching some old family videos), and a tasty dinner. There just wasn’t a lot to photograph. I did manage to catch the cat watching us open gifts from under the tree.

I found a lot more photographic material today, though. Even though we missed the storms that hit Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse through most of December, and the blizzard that stopped everything along the east coast over the last few days, we still managed to get enough snow (1 inch, maybe 2!) to make things look all wintery.

Bridge over Beebe Lake

Bridge over Beebe Lake

When I got home and uploaded the pictures, I noticed that they all looked kind of gray. But then, when I thought about it, I decided – well, it *is* Ithaca in winter. Of course they’re gray. That said, I may spend some time tomorrow figuring out if there’s anything I can do in Photoshop to perk them up. (Hint: they look much better when they’re bigger! Just click on them!)

From the suspension bridge

View from the suspension bridge

Camera stuff: Charged the battery. Remembered the card. Shot in RAW, so I wouldn’t have to worry about white balance. Tried different metering types (spot, center-weighted) to try to get a little distinction between the white-white snow and the dark stone. Maybe that’s where I went wrong?

I’ll be spending the next few days studying up on how to get pictures of the lights that they turn on in the towers over at Ithaca College. (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAZpTh6eakc).  Kind of like shooting fireworks, but slower.


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