Hockey photos

In my quest to branch out from taking photos of dogs, squirrels and birds, I decided to take advantage of some tickets that I had won in a drawing earlier this week, and spent the afternoon at the Cornell women’s hockey game. Well armed with advice on taking hockey pictures from helpful bloggers Daniel Woolston and Mark Buzek, I headed straight for an unoccupied corner if the ice as soon as I got to the game. I knew I was taking somewhat of a chance at this since I didn’t have the f/2 lens that Mark insisted on, but since I won’t be spending $1500 on a lens in the near future, I decided to tough it out.  The Cornell women won 3-0 (aided in part by Rebecca Johnston, who is most famous for driving the Zamboni at the Canadian women’s party after they won the gold in last year’s Olympics), and I got some decent shots.

The Clarkson Goalie

Cornell celebrates a goal

That must hurt.


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