Thursday evening at the mall

When it’s dark outside by the time I get out of work, where do I go to get some good photo ops? The mall, of course! It’s kind of like street photography, but the warm-in-winter variety.

I took a street photography workshop in July – toted the S90 around the Commons – and had a blast. Both then and on Thursday, I had to get over a big bout of shyness.¬† And, I wasn’t completely convinced that it was legal to have a camera at the mall – is it private property? The guys dressed up as referees at Footlocker told us that they are under very strict No Photography orders. (That sounds like a challenge.)

Once Ken climbed into the scooper (or whatever you call it) of the backhoe (or whatever it is), though, I lost all sense of embarrassment and started snapping away. I saw the mall cop a few times, and he never reached for his gun or handcuffs. So no worries.

I ended up with some cute shots, including Santa in front of the jewelry store (on his way off to the North Pole for the evening) and two girls sitting on the massage chairs, drinking from the same Coke with extended straws. Nothing really outstanding, but at least we had a good time!



  1. Yeah, stores are touchy about that. I took a picture at Wegman’s once and the management scolded me (but didn’t say I had to leave). Probably the common area of the mall is fine, though.

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