The 50mm arrives!

Woohoo! The 50mm lens arrived today! This morning’s flooding rain turned to snow, but nothing deterred Brown.

I patiently waited about half an hour -just-in-case there might be some problems with condensation when I brought it in… then… I put it on the camera, eagerly anticipating that beautiful first shot!

The first shot with the 50mm lens.

Oh right. I’m not a Photographer yet.

Undeterred, I kept snapping away, and ended up with a few shots that were slightly less embarrassing.  I’m in desperate need of subject matter other than birds and squirrels (that aren’t available for photographs in the evenings anyway), Dog and Cat.  Suggestions are welcomed! For now, though, I’ll stick with those.

Here’s what I finally got (with a little help from my friend the RAW editor.)

The Cat

The Cat

The Dog (after)


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