Reading, reading, and more reading

There’s never any end to the reading material that’s available about photography… and unless you’ve got the ability to understand it all the first time you read it, you need to revisit the good stuff. Too bad no one can describe that certain something that the real photography artists possess.

Something that I had to read a few dozen times before I got it was that the reason I’m able to get decent indoor pictures with the S90 (in a house that tends to be pretty dark) is that I can open the aperture nice and wide on it… but with the lenses I’ve got for the Rebel, the widest aperture I can get is 4.5. D’oh! So of course I need to spend money on a new lens. After reading 616 pages of this post about the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, I was convinced that that’s the lens for me. (The price doesn’t hurt!).  It’s all ordered from Amazon and is supposed to come in on Wednesday.  In the meantime, here’s the Squirrel du Jour:

Squirrel du jour

The squirrel once more, although I really don' t know how to tell if it's the same one



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