And so it begins

I like to take pictures. I’ve taken some that I really like, and lots that should never see the light of day.

I’ve never gone beyond the standard point-and-shoot… until this morning, when I took advantage of Black Friday at Best Buy (for you Chuck fans, it’s kind of like the Buy More)  to buy a Canon EOS Rebel SX. I went all out and got a kit that includes a 55-250mm image stabilizer lens. I then waited patiently while the battery charged, took a brief walk through the manual, and then started shooting.

Painfully enough, I found that the first picture I took — with everything on automatic – was substantially better than any of the ones that followed.

So my thought for this blog is to take notes while I learn how to use this thing, and to share some of the pictures that I take on the way. If any experienced photographers happen to look at this – I welcome any help and encouragement you can provide!

First Rebel Photo

My first photo from the Canon Rebel XS

First bird photo with the Canon Rebel XS

I took a bunch of bird photos, this was the only one that came out OK


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